Isnin, September 6


Yeah obviously we were losing as the audience could see.
From the moment the 3rd speaker of the negative team
standing to deliver his speech, we already know it.
While I tried to distract their 2nd speaker when she convincely stated that my points were wrong, I waved my hand up.
Asking for a POI.
But still, she voiced out 'Decline's.
What the F-ing F ?

HAHAHA.WHAT? Okay okay.
Well these are not the reasons why I write this at this very moment. Yea, we lose.
Of course. But that was not the main point why Im writing this.

Im just annoyed. Of being annoyed.
Seriously dude. Have you ever been the subject
of what someone is annoyed of? I mean without you knowing what the reasons are? Mannn, its totally, i mean freaking f-ing wonderful.
You havent? C'mon try it. I bet you, you'll find the greatest temptation to try it summore.

Annoyed. Yeah.