Selasa, Ogos 31

pointing out some points.

they dont know how painful i was hurt
they dont know how long ive been pretending
and they dont know why i keep keeping all these inside me
they know nothing
they just can sit as in they're in a theatre watching a play
will freaking laugh their lungs out when it comes to the hillarious part
and pathetically wipe their tears seeing the downs in the play

and so i knew
people keep breaking promises
why is it so hard to stick to something?
cant everything stay permanent?

I dont simply change my mind on those freaking huge things

yes,i might've changed
but im still me , the same fatien amirah like who i was when i was 15
i just have been screwed to some things,this thing.

see the hidden meaning?
i found this and I dont know why.
but i somehow ignore it
because i trust you, like seriously,
i mean it,i trust you.

Don't get my point?
That's the point.

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